Largest Colour Range of Shade Sails

Peter at Wondershade offers you an expansive selection of colours for your shade sails. He believes your outdoor area should be a reflection of your personal style, and his broad range of colours helps achieve just that. Whether you’re after bold and bright or soft and elegant, Peter has the perfect shade to complement your home and garden.

Personalise Your Space

Peter’s shade sails are more than just functional; they’re a chance for you to show off your personal flair. With his wide array of colour choices, you can find the ideal match for your outdoor decor. His collection ranges from calming neutrals to vibrant hues, ensuring there’s a choice for every taste.

Built to Endure

Peter takes pride in the longevity of his shade sails. He uses premium materials known for their durability and colour-fastness, even in the tough Australian climate. This means your shade sail from Peter will keep looking fantastic over the years, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor area for a long time.

A Colour for Every Environment

No matter the setting – be it a quaint patio, a lively café area, or a tranquil garden – Peter has a colour option to suit. He’s dedicated to helping you select the ideal shade that sets the right mood and feel for your space.

Find Your Inspiration

Take a look at Peter’s extensive colour range and get inspired. He’s committed to guiding you in selecting the perfect colour and style, transforming your outdoor area into an elegant, shaded haven.