Why a shade sail

Protect Your Family from the

Harsh Australian Sun

The reasons to install a shade sail from Wondershade Shade Sails are countless. Our professionalism, quality and customer service are just a few among many. But the most important reason is to protect your family and loved ones against such things as skin cancer. Now a major killer in Australia. This is emphasised by the Australian government bringing in legislation that shade should be provided in public places where people work or in recreation areas. Most public swimming pools park areas and child play areas are now shaded either by a Shade Structure or Shade Sails, thus limiting the chances of litigation from the public for not providing adequate Sun protection in outdoor areas. We are also finding estate and Unit complexes are following suit and protecting Swimming Pools and BBQ areas. It is highly reccommended that you invest in a Shade Structure or Shade Sail from Wondershade Shade Sails Coolangatta to help protect you and your loved ones from the harsh Australia sun.


There is nothing worse than letting your beloved vehicle, boat or caravan out in the sun to fade and cause detrition of the upholstery. A Wondershade Shade Sail or Shade Structure can help to minimise the chances of damage to your vehicles, boats or caravans dramatically. Shade Sails also help to keep the inside cool, so upon climbing inside on a hot day you can feel comfortable and relaxed in an instant. Say goodbye to humid, hot vehicles, boats and caravans! Shade Sails can also provide protection against damaging hail stones and heavy rains, hence most car yards are now covered. The quality craftmanship of our work is a testament to why we are still operating at the pace we are today, and we can help protect your residential, commercial or industrial property and it’s inhabitants.


Why Choose Wondershade

Shade Sails Hervey Bay?

Wondershade Shade Sails is a one-man operation, so right from the prompt courteous initial quote to the last fixing being tied off, the owner and operator Peter Flemminge is there doing the job, this eliminates the chances of errors in the job and gives you or your customer EXACTLY WHAT YOU ASKED FOR! Peter has been installing Shade Sails for over 21 Years now and has become an expert in design and installation. The captivating and very practical designs he creates varies from job to job depending on the shaded cover required, which shows his determination to each customer and their personal requirements. Sun direction, wind ratings, height, fixing points, and area to be covered are all major considerations for each job. Peter makes sure to carefully analyse each aspect of every job to ensure you gain the best possible end result for your needs.


Wondershade use only Super gal 4mm thick steel poles either 100mm or 75mm square. These are Galvanised inside and out then powder coated to the colour of your choice, enhancing colour coordination of the project. All pole fixings are 316 Stainless Steel as are the roof fixings, unless where a roof pole is required. These are 75x75mm Engineer designed and attached to the top and bottom of your roof truss, led flashed and sealed against any leakage. This is the kind of professionalism required to obtain a quality, practical Shade Sail. Wondershade Shade Sail Coolangatta takes pride and care in each and every project they undertake.


Wondershade only uses Rainbow Z16 cloth 97% UV RATING with 3MM Stainless Steel wire around the perimeter and have been working with this cloth for approximately 11 Years. Rainbow is guaranteed for up to 10 Years in the Australian climate against UV degradation, and comes in 19 striking colours. The designs and colour coordination to your home are limitless!


Wondershade Shade Sails hold both NSW and QLD licences, and are FULLY insured. We pride ourselves on providing high quality craftmanship of every project we undertake, giving you the best experience and product possible