Protect your family from Skin Cancer with a Shade Sail

At Wondershade, Peter understands the importance of protecting your family from the harsh Australian sun. Our shade sails are not just a backyard addition; they’re a shield against skin cancer, one of Australia’s major health concerns.

Effective UV Protection

Our shade sails are designed to block out harmful UV rays, significantly reducing your family’s risk of skin cancer. With Wondershade, you can create a safe outdoor environment where your kids can play and you can relax without the worry of overexposure to the sun.

Quality Materials for Maximum Safety

We use top-grade materials with high UV ratings to ensure the best protection. These materials are tested to withstand the intense Aussie sun, giving you peace of mind that your family is shielded effectively.

Custom Designs for Every Home

Peter works with you to design a shade sail that fits your space perfectly. Whether it’s over your patio, pool, or play area, each shade sail is customised to provide optimal coverage and enhance the look of your home.

More Than Just Sun Protection

While primarily designed for UV protection, our shade sails also add a functional and stylish element to your outdoor area. They provide a cool, shaded space for family activities, barbecues, and relaxation.

Peace of Mind Outdoor Living

With a Wondershade sail, you can enjoy the outdoors with the assurance that your family is protected. It’s about making the most of your outdoor space, safely and stylishly.